New Order

Two American Dreams

by Matt Koehl

There are two American dreams—theirs and ours.  The standard liberal-democratic one and a National Socialist one.

They want equality. We stand for quality.

They talk about rights. We believe in duties and responsibilities.

They prate about happiness. We are more concerned with greatness.

They fuss about the individual. We think the race as a whole is more important.

They speak about the wonders of a “pluralistic society.”  We prefer a natural, organic racial community.

They and we. The old and the new. The decadent versus the resurgent.

Theirs is a delusion, a sorry excuse for a sick society. Ours is a healthy expression of hope for a better world.

*   *   *

In his magnificent speech at Harvard, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put an incisive finger on the sore spots of modern Western civilization and American society in particular.

The moans and groans of Liberalia were predictable.  How could this man, so recently admitted to our country, dare to criticize the sacred taboos by which we Americans live?  Obviously, this Russian émigré, brilliant though he be but not having had an opportunity to experience the workings of a “free society” in all its implications, could not properly appreciate our liberal democracy and its pluralistic institutions.  So the argument went.

But perhaps we, as American dissidents, born and raised in “God’s own country,” will be spared some of this tiresome tripe when we ourselves challenge the great liberal Dream and all the familiar clichés we have had fed to us all our lives:  the joys of democracy, the self-evident equality of every featherless biped, freedom for everyone to “do his own thing,” “e pluribus unum,” etc., etc.—all the trite pap and infantile mumbo jumbo offered up in lieu of a genuine worldview.

What, for example, do we care about the so-called freedom of the individual, when an entire race and nation are being oppressed and enslaved?  Our problem, in fact, is that 150 million racial Aryans in the United States have so much permissive freedom to do as they please—from getting stoned to playing games to having abortions and being sterilized—that they have forfeited the opportunity to be free as a people.

And then we are told:  “What makes us great is our diversity.”  What rubbish—inane, absurd, poorly wrapped rubbish, which only a nerd can believe!  No people is made strong by its differences, but only those things which it possesses and shares in common.

Today America is in a state of spiritual confusion and disorder and headed for oblivion precisely because of its vaunted racial and cultural diversity and lack of common standards and shared values, as well as because of an obsession with individual freedom, which quickly deteriorates into license and permissiveness.

The only hope for our country lies in a new direction, involving an awakened sense of group awareness among our people and the development of common goals, common purpose, a common will, and a common set of values—a racial and national ethos

The construction of such an ethos is our task.  Its realization in a new America is our dream.

[“Two American Dreams” originally appeared in issue number 86 (July-August 1978) of WHITE POWER: The Revolutionary Voice of National Socialism, which was the tabloid newspaper of the National Socialist White Peoples Party.]

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