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A Note on George Lincoln Rockwell's Achievement

[March 9, 2017, was the 99th anniversary of the birth of George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of modern American National Socialism. The following is a note by NEW ORDER Chief of Staff Martin Kerr published on Stormfront and Vanguard News Network for the occasion.]

Following the Second World War, the Jews were successful in continuing to mislead the White people of America concerning Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. This was essentially a continuation of prewar and wartime Jewish brainwashing. That is, the Jews continued to fight the propaganda war against National Socialism after the military war was over.

Here is what White America believed from the 1940s through the late-1960s, based on what the Jews had told them:

  1. National Socialism ("Nazism") was nothing but extreme German chauvinism mixed with irrational and murderous anti-Semitism;
  2. There was no core "Nazi" ideology apart from this;
  3. Only Germans could be National Socialists ("Nazis");
  4. The "Nazi" movement died with Hitler in the Fuehrerbunker in Berlin in 1945;
  5. Hitler and his followers were the incarnation of pure evil

In short National Socialism, always termed "Nazism," was a finished historical phenomenon and it had been the darkest moment in all human history.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along...

In 1951 Rockwell sought out a copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in a used book store in San Diego. In Chapter Five of his political autobiography, This Time the World, he described what happened:

“I had learned that he was right about the Jews. It might be worth reading his book to see if he had anything else right, too.”

He read Mein Kampf with an open mind, and studied it carefully. Rockwell was astounded at what he found in the book:

“It was the most obvious and rational plan for saving the world ever written.  Had nobody read it, I wondered..?”

Thanks to his genius and his extraordinary moral and physical courage, Lincoln Rockwell was able to see through the fog of Jewish lies and perceive the truth:

  1. National Socialism was not just for Germans, but for all Aryans - including Americans;
  2. As a worldview, it was based on the application of the laws of Nature to human affairs;
  3. The anti-Semitic aspect of the NS worldview was extremely rational, and rather than being aggressive, it was based on the self-defense of the Aryan peoples against the Jews;
  4. The National Socialist idea is eternal, and did not die in Berlin in 1945;
  5. Rather than being evil, Hitler and his followers were heroes of the first order.

Personally, I have always found it inspiring that our Race could produce a titan the stature of George Lincoln Rockwell, even in this dark age of Jewish deception, moral degradation and cowardice.


  • Print versions of both Mein Kampf and This Time the World are available from NS Publications.
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