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New Study: White People Have “Nonconscious” Disgust of Interracial Couples

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New data recently released by two researchers at the University of Washington confirms what National Socialists and other racial observers have long known: normal White people are instinctively repulsed by interracial couples. A study by psychological researchers Allison Skinner and Caitlin Hudac has revealed that a portion of the brain known as the insula, which becomes active when something repulsive is observed, registers disgust when Whites are shown photographs of mixed White/Negro couples.

One surprising facet of the study is that it was performed on college-aged Whites, who belong to a generation that has been subjected to the most intensive pro-race-mixing brainwashing of the modern era. The overwhelming majority of those who participated in the study reported that they were completely accepting of interracial couples. And yet when tested, their brains registered “nonconscious” disgust at race-mixing, which Skinner referred to as a “gag reflex.”

This suggests that White people are genetically hardwired to reject race-mixing. Even when someone has been thoroughly indoctrinated from a young age to consciously accept miscegenation, they instinctively find such behavior repugnant. This would explain the imbalanced and self-destructive character of so many White race-mixers: they are at war with themselves. They are torn by a deep-seated and irreconcilable conflict between their conscious mind, which has been conditioned to accept race-mixing, and their normal, healthy racial instincts, which finds interracial sex abhorrent and disgusting.

This is good news for us. It shows that what we have long suspected is true: that the degenerate, racially-corrosive attitudes exhibited by many young Whites today are superficial and have not penetrated to their basic racial personality or racial soul. The anti-racialism of many or most of those infected Whites is a “mile wide and an inch deep,” as the old Aryan expression goes. Beneath the ferment of racial decadence on the surface, rests a bedrock of healthy racial instinct.

Consequently, turning these White brothers and sisters away from the path of racial suicide and onto the path of Aryan racial idealism may prove easier than some pessimists have opined. Given the proper circumstances and adequate resources, National Socialism will be able to rescue those Whites who have been so cruelly brainwashed against their own folk.

If the idea of race-mixing disgusts you, don’t fret: it just means that you are a psychologically normal White person with healthy racial instincts

Source: “Most Say They’re Okay with Interracial Marriage, but Could the Brain Tell a Different Story?”

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