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the 'six million' numerology


 Since French Professor Paul Rassinier first called into question what was later to be consecrated as "The Holocaust,* the whole issue of Jewish casualties during the Second World War has come under closer scrutiny by a growing number of scholars and investigators.

Among these have been Northwestern University Prof. Arthur Butz, whose The Hoax of the 20th Century has become a revisionist classic; the French documentary analyst, Prof. Robert Faurisson; forensic investigators Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf, both having produced definitive reports discrediting allegations of mass gassings; and the late and widely repected Hamburg jurist, Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich, whose procedural integrity remains a juridical model.

The Holocaust myth has been examined from every conceivable angle: from the standpoint of German government policy, logistics, demographics, technology, forensics, witness credibility, and the statements and admissions of Jews themselves, as well as that of self-serving postwar interests and motivation.

The universal conclusion is that European Jews, as active participants in the war, both as instigators and combatants as well as enemy aliens, did indeed suffer casualties as a result of wartime hostilities — not to mention natural causes — during the period, 1939-1945.

Gross Exaggeration

But the number of those who died has been shown to be grossly exaggerated and inflated, in no way bearing credible resemblance to the far higher casualties of other major participants in the war. It has been further shown that those deaths which did occur resulted primarily from disease and wartime shortages of food and medicines, particularly during the closing days of the conflict — as well as from the well-deserved execution of Jewish Communist partisans for their terrorist crimes and atrocities!

There is, in fact, a body of evidence of encyclopedic proportion refuting the Jewish lies and allegations, and one could spend years reciting this evidence, evidence which the Jews choose to stigmatize as "Holocaust denial," but which is, in fact, nothing more than legitimate criticism and skepticism.

In the search for truth, however, one is not concerned with derogatory labels and name-calling but with verifiable facts and evidence, employing all the rigorous canons of the scientific method. And so it is now, with a growing wave of Holo-skepticism  — which was highlighted and given impetus by the 2006 Revisionist Conference hosted by the Iranian president — that this greatest of historical myths is beginning to unravel.

Biological Impossibility

Nowhere is the Hoax more glaringly exposed than in published figures showing the Jewish population at around 15 million before the war in 1939 and up to 18 million in 1948 — a truly prodigious feat of population growth, especially if we allow for an intervening loss of that iconic Six Million.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize the biological impossibility of 9 million Jews (15 million minus 6 million) doubling their number in less than 10 years, even if each one had been administered a hefty dose of Viagra!

Then, there is the question of that mysterious ball-point pen, first introduced after the war, which somehow managed to write whole sections of the so-called "Diary of Anne Frank." But that's another story.

Perhaps the most telling indicator that we are dealing here with an elaborate hoax comes from the sacrosanct treatment of the kabbalistic figure of "Six Million" itself. Concocted in the late 1944 by Ilya Ehrenburg, the hate-crazed, psychopathic Jew in charge of Soviet wartime propaganda, 4 million of this number were said to have been "gassed" at the Auschwitz detention facility. For years this was commonly accepted as gospel.

Numbers Begin to Fall

Then in 1983, French researcher Georges Wellers declared the number of those who died at the wartime campsite to be only 1.5 million, a reduction of 2.5 million. In 1992, Dr.Franciszek Piper, director of historical research at the Auschwitz museum, placed the number of deceased at a further 1.1 million.

Prompted by new evidence, the figure kept falling: down to 1 million; then to 900,000; after which came 800,000; then 700,000; 600,000; 140,000; and finally (based on the complete, 46-volume Soviet death registers recently released), 73,137 of all nationalities, including German camp personnel!

Yet, despite these deductions, somehow, mysteriously — miraculously — the figure of "Six Million" has remained intact and constant! If one were to subtract any number from 6 million, one would expect it to be less. That is just plain, simple arithmetic.

The 'Six Million' Constant

But Holocaust® mathematics moves in strange and mysterious ways — and the Six Million doesn't move at all, but remains undiminished. For it is written, and the Chosen have spoken. Only an anti-Semite or inveterate Holocaust® denier would say otherwise!

Yet, some remain incorrigible and skeptical. And no World War II theme park or faith-based litany, no matter how often recited, can persuade them that a blatant hoax is actual history.

*Le mensonge d'Ulysse, Paris: Éditions Bressanes, c.1950

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