New Order

The Words of Adolf Hitler


... The racial state must not adjust its entire educational work primarily to the infusion of mere knowledge, but to the cultivation of absolutely sound bodies. The training of mental abilities is only secondary. And here again, first consideration must be assigned to the development of character, especially the promotion of will-power and determination, combined with training in a joyful sense of responsibility—and only lastly, academic schooling.


... A man of little academic education but physically sound, with good, strong character and imbued with joyful determination and will-power, is worth more to the racial community than a clever weakling. II:2/408

... In the long run a sound mind can only dwell in a sound body. I:10/253

Loyalty, spirit of sacrifice, discretion are virtues that a great nation absolutely needs, and their cultivation and development in school are more important than some of the things which today fill up our curriculums. II:2/416

And so the racial state, in its educational work, must side by side with physical training place highest stress precisely on the training of character. II:2/416

... It is the task of the racial state to see to it that world history is finally written from a position in which the racial question is raised to dominance. II:2/422

The crown of the racial state’s entire work of education and training must be to burn the racial sense and racial feeling into the instinct and intellect, into the heart and brain of the youth entrusted to it. No boy and no girl must leave school without having been led to a final realization of the necessity and essence of blood purity. II:2/427
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