New Order

NS Spirituality


The following is the recitative affirmation of those retainers who have remained faithful to the Führer and to his immortal Cause.


I believe in Adolf Hitler,

       the immortal Leader of our race,

       singular gift of Providence,

       greatest figure of the age,

       alive in our hearts today and forever.

I believe in his holy Cause,

       which is the New Order,

       the fulfillment of Aryan destiny

       in accordance with the eternal laws of Life,

       the hope and future of our kind on Earth.

I believe in his Movement,

       the true, undivided body of his followers,

       which bears the name of his Cause

       as the instrument of his will,

       consecrated by the blood of heroes and martyrs —

       the only way to world redemption.
                                                                  HEIL HITLER!

Building a better world for future aryan generations