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Archetype of Goodness

For millenia before the adoption of a Near Eastern narrative, the vision of a figure of absolute goodness and righteousness was embedded in the consciousness of our ancient Northern ancestors. This racial archetype was a son of the All-Father. He was called Baldur, the God of Light.

HE WAS THE BEST of all divine figures. In Him all was perfect. He shone forth with such radiance, that light streamed from His person.

He was the most wise, most eloquent, most gracious; and in His realm there was nothing impure.

He was the God of light, of spring and gladness. Yet, of Him it was prophesied that He should die at the hands of evil, aided by the ignorant and the foolish.

Our pre-Christian ancestors in Northern Europe called Him BALDUR, beloved son of Wotan and Frija. He was the personification of the Sun and the archetype of everything good; and on the Winter Solstice they celebrated with great rejoicing the promise of His return.

The ancient folk memory lingers on.


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