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A Purpose in Life

Life without purpose is mere existence. As such it has no meaning or value. It is worthless. It is of no consequence. It doesn't count.

Today most people exist as mere protoplasmic blobs. Spiritually and actually they are zeroes, nobodies—zilch. They are not true people, but zombies. 

These walking dead have but one concern: to "feel good," "be happy," and go along with the brainless herd. But that is not a purpose—it is merely an excuse for somnambulism and selfishness. It has no enduring value for the future. 

Indeed, the aspirations of such sleepwalkers can be compared to those of a slug or a mosquito. In each instance there is nothing more than an inane quest for creature comfort and ego-gratification. The only difference is that humanoids do it in a dead-end, produce/consume society.

Today's artificial, materialistic, multicultural, Politically Correct, neo-Bolshevik, hee-haw society can, in fact, offer no higher purpose. It can only serve up decadence, degeneracy, disintegration, alienation and—ultimately—death.

There is an alternative, however. There is a purpose that can transform mere existence into real, creative living and give meaning to the life of the individual.

Such purpose involves commitment to something greater than one's petty self. That something lies in the immanent Reality manifest in race and blood. In the natural community of one's own kind and in the upward striving of Aryan mankind toward a better world, we recognize a purpose truly worthy of our highest aspiration and commitment.

We call this concept racial idealism.

And it all begins with an honest recognition of one's received identity and heritage as part of a larger group of similarly created beings. Only then does individual alienation disappear. Only then does life acquire worth and meaning. Only then does one become a true person. Only then is there the possibility of genuine personal fulfillment and satisfaction as the salutary by-product of a higher purpose.

There is a Cause which makes it all possible. If you believe there is more to life than mere self-fixation, the rat race and a big sleepwalk, if you want to make your life count—if you want to give it real meaning and value—then you should find out about this Cause. 

Building a better world for future aryan generations