New Order

What is the NEW ORDER?

The NEW ORDER is a spiritual community representing a revolutionary new faith and a great historic movement.

We are comprised of white men and women of all ages and social backgrounds who are committed to building a better world for future generations of their race.

Our program is in our name: We stand for a revolutionary New Order here on Earth.

Today we live under an Old Order which is corrupt, decadent and diseased — a mad, psychotic system of mindless materialism, self-indulgence, drugs, pollution, pornography, race-mixing, filth, chaos and alienation. It is the way of Death, and more and more people are coming to recognize it as such.

A Better Way

But there is a better way, a way of Life. That way calls for the elimination of the egocentric/materialistic attitude and outlook. It calls for a new awareness and understanding. It involves a spiritual awakening and calls for a rebirth of idealism and natural values.

It begins with the realization that we are part of something much bigger that our own individual selves; that man is part of a great natural order; that to be healthy and whole, he must act in accordance with the laws of Nature; and that among her ordinances are the laws of Race and racial conservation.

As National Socialists, we see ourselves as part of a world Aryan community and a new folk in formation. No multiracial society can be viable in the long run. That is why we want to build a separate, all-white society, one with its own unique culture and way of life.

Moral & Spiritual Mobilization 

Toward that end, it is the function of the NEW ORDER to provide a focal point for the moral and spiritual mobiliztion of our race. Our task is to give the the racial community a sense of common identity, common purpose, common outllook and common direction, and to furnish it with a set of common values and ideals essential for survival in an increasingly confused, chaotic and disoriented world.

Ours is more than just another organization. We represent a cause — the most sacred cause of all time, sacred because it involves the very existence of our race on this Earth.

The Movement of Adolf Hitler

We are the Movement of Adolf Hitler. We are his heirs. He has given us a great commission, which it is our duty to discharge.

For it was none other than Adolf Hitler who came into the world to remind modern man of Nature's eternal laws and to make them the basis for a miraculous regeneration in human affairs. That is why we proudly recognize him as the greatest figure of the age and why we regard his Cause as the one great hope for Aryan man here on Earth.

Building a better world for future aryan generations